In Case You Haven’t Heard #PageRank

google-pagerankGoogle Page Ranks have been updated as of January 20th 2011! In previous years Google PR has updated at least 5 times per year. In 2010, according to the Google PR Update Informational Website, Google PageRanks were updated a whopping ONE TIME – April 3, 2010.

Page Rank CheckSince Marvelous Mommy wasn’t launched until April 1, 2010, I have never had a Google PR. I am happy to say I am now a 2!! Check your PageRank instantly. Just type in your website address in the box below.

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

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What is Google PR and why do you need it?

Google Page Rank shows the quality of your website according to Google. Some sites are more likely to be clicked than others.

PageRank can be thought of as a model of user behavior. We assume there is a “random surfer” who is given a web page at random and keeps clicking on links, never hitting “back” but eventually gets bored and starts on another random page. The probability that the random surfer visits a page is its PageRank.

~Founders of Google,
The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine

If you are a blogger, particularly a review and giveaway blogger that works with companies, having a Google PR is important; to some anyways. I don’t believe companies should only be looking at your PR, however many do and will not even attempt to work with you without an established PR. Enormous bloggers such as Simply Stacie have been turned away due to PR even though her rank was low due to a platform switch. Plus we know Google isn’t very keen on updating their info. Ideally companies should be looking at a combination of stats and not just PR.

Want to increase your PageRank?

Most importantly: get as many quality, relevant, inbound links or backlinks as you can. Basically you want other people to link back to you. The higher those sites are ranked, the better it is for your rank! Other factors less influential include: How fast your site loads, How frequently you post articles, How well-written your articles are, The number of words your articles have, and How accurate your content is.

9 thoughts on “In Case You Haven’t Heard #PageRank

  1. Hey Amy, oh I know all too well about Google PR. Last week I was ranked at 2 as I usually am. Now I’m ranked 0. I switched my site from a generic template because Google didn’t like it and wp was breaking my feed, and I had no idea if your feed is broken Google won’t even consider ranking you because they can’t find you. I implemented a new template Genesis and lost my rank. All because of a template switch. So bloggers beware, everything you do gets looked at.

    Great article!

  2. Yeah I actually just re-checked mine a couple days ago out of the blue and was shocked to see my blog finally at a 2! I hadn’t checked it in a really long time, the last I seen it was at 0… glad Google PR finally updated. :)

  3. I was really pleased to see PR finally updated. It seems that the PR is harder to come by now though. Sites that are huge (like Simply Stacie) are only getting a 4 whereas they might have been a 5 or 6 a year ago. So I guess we’ll see how this plays out.

  4. Let me tell you I was in shock to see that mine had moved from a 0 to a 4. I had given up on it altogether.
    You are right about it affecting ops. Even though I explained that it was due to a move to a new domain and WP, they didn’t care and some were quite rude to me actually!
    I know there’s some bloggers who didn’t change so it makes me wonder if this was a widespread update or if they just did some of the sites.

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