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EdenFantasys is a very popular online adult store that carries all types of products from sex toys and books, to beauty products and sexy costumes!  If you’ve ever had razor burn in your bikini area after shaving, I recommend trying their coochy shave cream!

I’ve always wanted to try out the massage candles. Apparently you light the candle, then pour the warm wax onto the skin. Sounds a bit dangerous, but danger is my middle name, er something like that. The wax oil is designed to massage in very nicely with a light scent and leaves skin silky not greasy.

BWARM Massage Candle

When my husband and I were dating, I guess he decided to be all romantic and bought some basic (cheap) massage oil and promised me a nice relaxing rub down! The thought was very sweet and usually I’ll take all the massages I can get.

However, it didn’t quite turn out like we planned. I was a bit skeptical at first (because I’m super OCD) and I can’t stand anything greasy on me. There’s a big difference between silky and greasy!

The massage didn’t last very long. It was really messy and I couldn’t stand having the oil on me. I had to shower immediately and strip down all the sheets and wash them!  I felt so bad because I knew he was just trying to be sweet.

Our 4 year wedding anniversary is coming up in November so I’d like to get some quality massage oil or candle and try to redo that night, hopefully with a happier ending this time! 😉

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