Ideally, as a photographer, your goal is to shoot a picture perfect the first time and enhance it with editing software, not fix it. Which is why I originally started SOOC Saturday – to practice capturing marvelous photographs Straight Out Of the Camera!

I haven’t posted SOOC Saturday in a few weeks, …err months. But I’m officially bringing it back! – with a whole new spin! And a brand new button!

SOOC Saturday

As a challenge for myself, I decided to add a twist. I’m going to shoot close-up every day objects around my home and have you guess what the object is.

The first person to guess correctly will receive a shout out (website link included) on the next SOOC post. Simple right?!

You do not need to participate in the SOOC linky in order to guess. Although I would love for you to join in!

I’ll make the first week easy… Christmas themed to kick off December!


Leave your guess in the comments below for a chance to be featured! Anyone can guess, you do NOT need to participate in the SOOC linky in order to be featured.


Post a picture (that YOU took) Straight Out Of the Camera…. no editing. If you’d like to post an edit after your SOOC shot, that’s fine too.

Please grab the New SOOC Button and display it in your post or on your blog. (Located on the right sidebar)

The linky will be open all weekend so you can link up and blog hop on Saturday or Sunday.
Please help me get the word out by sharing this post!

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Link Up Your SOOC Shots and grab the code below…