Hydrating Tips For Dry Skin

Skin is your body’s largest organ. Maintaining your skin is important. Lack of hydration can lead to many skin care problems such as wrinkles, dryness, red itchy skin, and an over unhealthy appearance. Preventing dry, cracked skin helps keep moisture in and germs and irritants out. Here’s 5 tips for better overall skin health:

1. Drink Water

Water is essential to healthy skin. It also gets rid of waste, which causes dull skin. The tissues of the human body are made up of 70% water. Although drinking water isn’t a replacement for your moisturizer, staying hydrated is necessary for maintaining healthy skin functions, such as regenerating cells and improving circulation. The result? A more radiant complexion. Some case studies have shown that drinking plenty of water helps with acne as well.

bathing -hotshower

2. Avoid Excessive Bathing

And hand -washing (Something I need to work on!) If your skin is prone to drying out, hot showers or baths can make it even worse. Cutting back will not only save your skin, but lots of money and resources, too! Your hair will also thank you! Avoiding stripping soaps can prevent the loss of natural oils. Apply moisturizer while the skin is damp, usually within 3 minutes of bathing, it locks in the moisture from the bath.

3. Humidifier

Low humidity can cause dry skin, itchy eyes, and irritate your nasal passages and throat. Invest in a quality humidifier and use it at night while you sleep. It helps keep moisture in the air, thereby helping your skin to stay moist and supple.

If you want to increase the humidity in your entire house, you can buy a humidifier that attaches directly to your furnace to pump additional moisture into each room. They use little electricity, and considering that you can lower the heat in your home, reduce your energy bills without any loss of comfort.

eat foods high in antioxidants

4. Eat Foods High in Antioxidants

For a glowing complexion eat more foods high in vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C – brightly colored fruit and vegetables such as mango, avocado, pepper, carrots, berries, grapefruit, kiwi, cabbage, parsley, eggs, walnuts, almonds, and whole grains!

You may also consider taking supplements like fish oil capsules or cod liver oil. Avoid fried foods, trans fats, and high carbohydrate snacks, as these can cause significant skin damage.

5. Protect your Skin

Moisturizing your skin, especially the face, hands, and feet, is so important!  Not only does it make you feel silky smooth, but it will help reduce early aging of the skin. Carmex Hydrating Lotion uses aloe at a concentration of 200 times what you’d find in an aloe plant, helping prevent dryness and promote healing, plus soothing irritated skin. Nine healing ingredients penetrate and help repair your driest, roughest skin.

Carmex has been healing dry, chapped lips for over 70 years. Finally, Carmex® Skin Care is here with a new solution! Carmex Healing Cream is made using a patent pending process that delivers concentrated healing and moisturization. Formulas with increased levels of rich lanolin such as Carmex Healing Cream have the same rehydrating properties as naturally occurring lipids in your skin.

It is soothing, long-lasting and perfect for everyday use. Carmex blends the high-quality ingredients of the exclusive formula so that deep hydration immediately soaks into damaged skin, without a greasy feel. You won’t feel a hint of greasiness, even right after you smooth it onto rough trouble spots. Carmex Healing Cream is the best grease-less product I have ever used by faarrrrr! It’s definitely my favorite moisturizer!

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