Mickey MouseThemed Birthday Party

I love doing themed birthday parties for my girls and I’ve always wanted to make custom cakes for them for their birthday. Yes, I’m one of those moms.

I’ve been using Pinterest for all my home decor ideas so it’s no surprise that I used it to plan my daughters Mickey Mouse birthday party! {Follow my birthday board here.} I was able to find lots of ideas and put a Mickey Mouse spin on them!

©Mickey Mouse garland

This Mickey Mouse hanging garland was inspired by a wall hanger decoration that I saw here on Pinterest! I traced mine with a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter onto construction paper and hung them with a thin string.  Mickey Mouse birthday party food

All the food was themed for the party. I used these Mickey Mouse character cutouts for the decorations on the table.  This free Mickey Subway Art Printable is another cute table decoration, which I didn’t use, but I still love it.

And for the decorations on the punch and condiment bottles, I used some of the printouts from this free set of Mickey and Minnie printables. I added the custom lettering in Photoshop using the Walt Disney font. I meant to do a sign for “Clarabelle’s Chips” but I ran out of time, so ya know.

©Mickey Mouse decorations

 I made Elmo cupcakes and a Cookie Monster smash cake for Haley’s 1st birthday last year. This was my first time ever working with fondant, stacking a cake, and covering a cake this big so this was really my first time attempting such a fancy cake!

I could tell immediately that my first layer of fondant wasn’t going to look right but I decided to try and make it work, opposed to starting over completely. My top white layer of fondant turned out so perfect! I was a little disappointed with the bottom layer but the Mickey Mouse cutouts and the border covered some of the imperfections.

I used a Mickey Mouse template to trace my Mickey Mouse topper, which ended up being a perfect fit on my cake. The top tier is 2 layers from a 6 inch round, and the bottom is 3 layers from a 9 inch round pan. It took two cake mixes, both of which were store bought (Duncan Hines Dark Fudge Chocolate/Butter Yellow).

Stacking Cake Collage

The fondant was Homemade Marshmallow Fondant using the Wilton Recipe, however I added a tiny bit of vanilla extract and a splash of lemon juice. And the icing is homemade cream cheese using this Martha Stewart Cream Cheese recipe since I like my frosting more cheesy-tasting, which helps cut the sweetness of the fondant.

The Minnie Mouse punch is a delicious strawberry flavored slushy punch recipe that my sister introduced me to. It’s marvelous!


I wanted to do a Mickey Mouse Balloon Pinata board but I wasn’t sure if Haley could even throw a dart, so I just let them pop the balloons with a toothpick and by sitting on them. They thoroughly enjoyed every second! The balloons were filled with candy, quarters, and small toys like yo-yos and erasers, although my girls seemed to be happier about the candy than the money! We were able to fill our balloons by hand without using any milk jugs or pvc piping.

Party Games

Overall I was happy with the way the party turned out! My oldest, who will be turning 4 in October, has already asked me to make a Curious George cake for her birthday party.