My first haircut years and years ago was done at a local hair salon by a stylist named Norma. My mom used her for many years and now she actually owns that little salon, still in the same location, all these years later.


Natalie had her hair cut right before she turned two and Haley turned two in March. When I looked back at the pictures from Natalie’s first haircut, I realized they both were wearing the same smock and Norma actually has on the same shirt!


They both need a cut so we let big sister go first. Natalie, again, was not too happy about sitting still and she tried to cover her face for most of my photos. Haley on the other hand did amazing! She listened and put her head down like she was told.




Haley screamed when we first sat her in the chair, but only because her sister was getting her “after haircut treat” and she wanted some too! Once we gave her a sucker she was happy and ready to cooperate. She actually ate two suckers in the few minutes it took to cut her hair!



They both turned out adorable and Norma even gave me a really cute special first haircut keepsake for her baby book!


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