I did a Wall Of Bats the past few years and I loved them so much I decided to do them again this year! Only this year, I got to use my Silhouette CAMEO!

Wall Of Bats_collage

My bats are made out of card stock and I used this bat template from a different Martha Stewart project. I added eyes to my bats in the Silhouette Studio program.


If you do not have a cutting machine to cut your bats, you can always cut them by hand. I cut my own last year out of construction paper.

Just fold your paper in half and cut along a template like this. I was able to get 3 bats out of each sheet of paper.

You can save yourself some time by cutting multiple bats at once – fold and cut 4-5 sheets of paper at one time.


I like using the machine because I get a precision cut, but the sticky cutting mat also curls the bats wings as I pull them off so they stand out on the wall.


Once you have your bats, just tape and stick.

Last year I used double sided tape, this year I just used the first tape I found.


You can see my Wall Of Bats from 2011 along with other Halloween decorations like pom-pom balls and a giant spider HERE.


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Halloween Themed Food Collage_16up

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