My sweet little girl turned 4 years old last week!

She’s been asking for a Curious George cake since Haley turned two in March and I made a Mickey Mouse cake.


The Mickey Mouse cake was my first time ever working with fondant or stacking a cake and I also made a Army Tank cake earlier this year so the Curious George cake turned out to be easier and quicker than I had expected.


I ordered the balloons and Curious George from Amazon and I made the Happy Birthday cake bunting with my silhouette cameo! Tutorial coming soon!


Natalie had so much fun playing with her friends and family and everyone had a good laugh watching the kids hit the pinata.

I swear that thing was made of steel. All 12 kids hit it 3 times and none of the candy was falling out!

©Four_Rectangles_Curious George Pinata

It finally took my husband hitting it with a metal baseball bat! There was shattered candy everywhere and kids scrambling to pick it all up!

©bday party_Three_Rectangles

Overall it was a perfect day!

You can’t go wrong with food, family, and fun!