I’ve taken a photo every single day since the beginning of 2014! We’re over 100 days in! I’m thoroughly enjoying this photo challenge!

It forces me to pick up my camera everyday and I’ve noticed my oldest daughter becoming more and more interested in photography. “Look at this! Take a picture, mama.”

April 9 | Day 98


Kitty in the tree

April 10 | Day 99


Blooming flowers

April 11 | Day 100


Our first day in Savannah!

April 12 | Day 101


Very first trip to the beach! You can see more photos from Savannah here.

April 13 | Day 102


Statue in Savannah at Ellis Square.

April 14 | Day 103


Trying Crayola colored bubbles for the first time! You can win a huge Crayola variety pack here!

April 15 | Day 104April_16_2014_BLOG

Natalie and the kitty! She wanted to make sure her nails were showing in the picture! She painted them herself!

April 16 | Day 105

April_15_2014_BLOG copy2

We began fencing in our backyard today! We bought all the supplies, just gotta build it now!

April 17 | Day 106


April_17_2014_BLOG 2

Coloring Easter eggs with a whisk!