My youngest just turned three years old! And she is a sugar addict! Unlike Natalie, Haley will eat anything dipped in chocolate or covered in sugar!

IMG_1019_WEBSoo we decided to do a candyland themed birthday party for her! And, of course, she loved it!


I’m pretty sure I’m a pro with melting and dipping chocolate now! We had chocolate covered everything!


For the party, I made chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzels, cupcakes, glazed doughnuts, fruit kabobs, popcorn, and lollipops!


I also made Oreo Pops for the first time! And they turned out super delicious!

I decided to do Oreo Pops instead of cake pops since we were already having cupcakes. I initially planned to do crushed oreo pops but I actually like this technique much better!

Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops


  • 1-2 Packages of Oreo’s – any flavor
  • 2 12oz packages of Ghirardelli White Chocolate Melting Wafers
  • Sprinkles
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Stand for drying pops


  • Heat your chocolate. I like to use the double broiler method. You will need to keep you chocolate melted for a long time and this keeps my chocolate from getting too hot or cooling too quick. You want your water hot but not boiling! It’s very important not to let any water drip into your chocolate!
  • While the chocolate is melting, carefully break apart your Oreos and scrap out a spot for your lollipop stick to lay.
  • Dip the lollipop stick into the melted chocolate and make sure it fits nicely into the filling tunnel you created.
  • Then add the other side of the Oreo before the chocolate sets. I added some chocolate to the back of the Oreo cookie on a few just to make sure they were securely stuck together.
  • Let them dry completely before the next step.
  • After the lollipop sticks have set, you can dip the entire Oreo in your melted chocolate. If you let them dry properly, you shouldn’t have any issues with them falling off the sticks.
  • Continually rotate the pop, letting the excess chocolate drip off. The chocolate will begin to set and stop dripping.
  • Before the chocolate drys, add your sprinkles or any decoration of your choosing!

Oreo Pops

They turned out amazingly yummy! I really like the Ghirardelli brand of chocolate, opposed to the Wilton brand. I meant to get a photo of the inside of a half eaten one, but they disappeared before I had a chance!

I also made all the decorations for the party. The backdrop is just some curtains I hung up to block out some of the direct sunlight and the balloons were strung up with embroidery thread.


The piñata came from Amazon! It came with everything you need, including the candy!


We also had a Photo Booth set up for photos! I reluctantly put my $2000 camera on a tripod and let some of the older kids snap the photos by hand and with a remote.


Everyone had a blast and we ended up with some great photos… and my camera still intact!


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