Easter 2014 | Wordless Wednesday Linky

Here are a few snapshots from our Easter. My girls had a head cold so they weren’t feeling the greatest but they had fun nonetheless.

Me and Natalie with her new haircut
Easter Pancakes
Easter pancakes!
The Easter bunny trail

Easter bucket goodies
Haley eating her chocolate bunny.
Shocked at her candy surprise!
Haley hunting eggs
Natalie with her bucket
Hunting eggs in our backyard


21 thoughts on “Easter 2014 | Wordless Wednesday Linky

  1. Oh – those are the chocolate bunnies with the crispy crunchy inside right? LOVE those. I don’t buy those for my kids or else I would steal them all.
    love the pancakes.
    One year I hope we get an early enough Spring that we can do an outdoor hunt too.

  2. Hello! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Thanks for hosting another great party!! We love your blog!

    Have a fantastic day,
    Sharon, Denise & Aubrie

  3. Looks fun – they are so cute!

    my kids loved egg hunts but now they are 14 & 17 so they aren’t into that anymore sadly –

    those pancakes they would still like – lol

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  4. Some of these pictures make me feel like a total slacker. Those pancakes are amazing!! I made bacon and eggs and never even thought of shaped pancakes. The bunny trail is spectacular too. You are very clever. Also your pictures are gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for visiting and sharing your photos with us last week. We are excited to announce we featured your darling daughter today on our WW post. We love how you captured her excitement finding an Easter egg! Thanks, again for linking up.

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