Mothers Day Ideas

1. Gift Certificate

Give her a gift certificate to the local spa, or those sewing lessons she’s been talking about, or even a skydiving gift certificate. Whatever she loves. Just be careful not to get her a gym membership or anything that could send the wrong message!

2. Bring Her Flowers

Or better yet, potted flowers that will continue to grow! The kids can help plant them and she will always remember the thoughtful gift whenever she sees them bloom.

3. Homemade Artwork or Craft

Help the kids make a special craft for her. I love kids crafts with their handprints on it. It’s a cute reminder of how little they are.

4. Jewelry

Your wife called, she wants a necklace with enormous diamonds! Just kidding, kinda. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes personalized jewelry with kids birthstones is more memorable than diamonds… sometimes.

5. Personalized Gift

Get her something with her name on it. It could be a personalized coffee mug or baking dish. A talking picture frame with a special message from the kids would also be marvelous!

6. Clean the House

This is one of my favorites from the list and it’s perfect for someone on a tight budget! Plus it helps you appreciate all the work she does around the house! You can also fix something on the honey-do-list. I know you’ve got one! Every husband does!

7. Photo Canvas

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a photo junkie. I share lots of photos online but I’m not always the best at actually printing them. Any mom would love a huge framed canvas print of her family to hang on the wall.

8. Bottle of Wine

Maybe I should’ve written expensive wine! Or a wine tasting tour! Who doesn’t love wine right?! Or maybe she’s more of a whisky person like me.

9. Date Night Kid-Free

I like to spend mothers day with my kids and family but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like reservations to a fancy restaurant or tickets to a show for another night out without the kiddos. Don’t forget to schedule the babysitter!

10. Bring Her Breakfast in Bed…

And lunch… and dinner! Moms should NOT have to cook on Mother’s Day. We want to be catered too. In fact, leave the clean kitchen alone (see #6) and bring home HoneyBaked for dinner. Don’t forget to pick up her favorite dessert to go with it!

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HoneyBaked Images

Moms, what do you want for Mother’s Day?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written for the company or pr representing the company. All views and opinions are my own.