5 Ways To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Moment of Silence:

Turn off the electronics, and take a moment to collect your thoughts. You can do this while showering or getting ready. Think about what you need to accomplish today so you can tackle it efficiently.

Plan Ahead:

Lay out your clothes the night before. I always do this when I know my morning is going to be rushed. There’s no reason to waste time in the morning looking for your favorite pair of leggings. On Sunday, I pick out my kids’ school clothes for the entire week.

Turn on the Radio:

I play music constantly, I’m listening to Paramore right now! I strongly believe that music can affect your mood. Play uplifting music and dance while you get ready. Plus that counts as a workout, right?!

Skip the Morning Shower:

If skipping your morning shower is out of the question, think about washing your hair the night before, and just rinsing your body in the morning. A morning shower always wakes me up, but I don’t always have time to dry and fix my hair.

Grab a Quick Breakfast:

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