Niagara Falls Canada - Must See Sights to Explore

Canada, eh? Yes, we just got back from our anniversary trip to Niagara Falls! If you’re going to the falls, definitely do the Canadian side. You have a much better view and a better chance to see a rainbow.

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Canada’s 150th anniversary

We flew (first class for the first time ever) into the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and rented a car to drive over the border. Our map said it was going to take over an hour to cross the border, but there was no line and we were across within minutes. All you need is a passport. They ask how long you’ll be staying and where you’re headed so it’s good to have a printed copy of those things just in case.

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Rainbow over the Skylon Tower

Niagara Falls

Of course, the most amazing thing to see is the falls. I’ve seen them in photos a million times, but there’s nothing like being there and seeing them in person. The Canadian side gives you an amazing up close look.

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Horseshoe Falls

Our first day there, we had lunch at Elements on the Falls, with a view of the Horseshoe Falls. I had the delicious “special” of the day, a prime rib sandwich! The food was great, a little pricey, but it was the perfect place to dry off and warm up. It was freezing the first day we visited the falls.

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Top of Horseshoe Falls

The mist coming off the Horseshoe Falls was overwhelming and the wind was strong. Without warning you would get blasted with freezing rain and ice whenever the wind would blow in your direction. And I’m not just talking about a little water, Niagara Falls was throwing buckets of freezing water at us. Two gusts of wind and we were drenched. I immediately bought gloves and a poncho.


One of the many ponchos

We flew the drone over the Horseshoe Falls on Monday and it survived. Everyone kept saying how brave we were. I was NOT brave. My husband was controlling it and I was just trying not to lose sight of it. We did lose it for a few minutes while we flew it up stream but luckily we spotted it again before the battery died!


Journey Behind the Falls

We bought the Adventure Pass that came with tickets for Niagara’s Fury, the Falls Incline Railway, the Butterfly Conservatory, WEGO bus passes and tickets for Journey Behind the Falls. There’s not much to it, just some tunnels and a view of the water from behind.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5952-BLOG

Observation deck after you walk through the tunnels behind the falls

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5926-BLOG

View from the tunnels

Hornblower Niagara Cruise

We did the Hornblower Cruise (aka Maid of the Mist if you’re on the US side) on a Monday afternoon. Hardly any wait, there was only one person in front of us.


We look good in ponchos

They provide the poncho for you and take you up close to both the American falls and Canadian falls.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-6016-BLOG

American Falls

The ride doesn’t last very long, but it’s a great view of the falls from the river.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5388-BLOG

Hornblower in front of the American Falls

Skylon Tower

We had dinner at the Skylon Tower for our 9 year anniversary!


Anniversary cheesecake at the Revolving Dining Room

The revolving dinning room spins around once an hour. The falls were lit up red for Veterans Day (Remembrance Day) while we were there.


The tower and view from the top

Even if you’re not having dinner, you can ride the elevator to the top for a view from the observation deck. They even take your picture before you head up the elevator.

Skylon Tower _ BLOG

Skylon Tower Photo



On Sunday we drove out to Niagara On The Lake which is a small little town on Lake Ontario. We found a gorgeous park to fly our drone! The whole town was gorgeous!

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5804-BLOG

It was sooo cold

It was too cold for us to rent bikes, but there is a very nice trail that runs all the way from Niagara Falls to Niagara-On-The-Lake. The trail follows the river and has some beautiful spots to stop and take in the view.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5792-BLOG

Gorgeous views of Lake Ontario

Fort George National Historic Site

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5537-BLOGFort George was the headquarters of the British Army during the War of 1812

Fort George is just outside downtown Niagara On The Lake. We spent about two hours checking out the buildings and learning about the history. Admission was free since Parks Canada is celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary. All national parks and national historic sites have free admission during 2017.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5550-BLOGBlockhouses (Sleeping Quarters) for the soldiers and their families

Fort George was destroyed and captured by the Americans during the Battle of Fort George, and was reclaimed by the British seven months later.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5630-BLOG

Food Storage

In May 1813 after a two-day bombardment by cannon from Fort Niagara, most of the buildings were destroyed.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5692-BLOG

British Red Coat Uniform

The power magazine was the only building that survived and is the oldest military building in Ontario today!

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5644-BLOG

Built in 1796

Across the Niagara River you can see Fort Niagara in Youngstown, New York.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5594-BLOG

Officers’ dinner table

Fort George was reconstructed in the 1930s and is now staffed by costumed interpreters. We got to see the musket demonstration while we were there!

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5706-BLOG

Musket Demonstration

Li Li Bed and Breakfast

I had to mention our little slice of heaven at Niagara Falls. We were in the best location. I’m so glad we didn’t stay in a hotel. The area around the falls is all part of the national park so even the hotels near the falls are a good walk from the actual falls.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5332-BLOG

The house was very clean and the enormous hot tub was amazing! It used to be a bed and breakfast with five bedrooms, but now they rent out the whole house. We got a great deal on HomeAway. They even had little slippers for you to use and a bag of cat food so you could feed the random cats.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-6058-BLOG

Drone Video

Check out the drone footage of Niagara Falls below and see the drone footage of Niagara-On-The-Lake HERE.