Top 5 Free Places To Take Kids

1. The Library

Libraries usually offer a fun kiddie section with toys and games and other events for children such as Story Telling Time. And even if you don’t attend the special events, the library is still a lot of fun just checking out new books and/or movies. It also gives them the opportunity to make new friends!

2. Pet Store

The pet store is basically like a zoo for younger kids! And it’s free! It’s like taking a trip to the zoo and the aquarium all at the same time! Stop by for a visit, your kids will love it.

3. The Park

There are endless possibilities for fun at the park! If you’ve been to the same ol’ park a million times try out a new area you’ve never been to before! Also consider bringing along some fun items such as bubbles, chalk, or a magnifying glass!


4. Find a local event

Schools tend to be a great source for free or cheap activities like kids plays, talent shows, carnivals etc. Sometimes art museums and stores like Michaels have arts and crafts for younger kids. Look online for a local calendar of events.

5. McDonald’s Playhouse

Indoor playgrounds are always a hit with my kiddos! And although they are free to play on, I doubt you’ll get out of there without getting at least a milkshake! Lucky for you the dollar menu will keep your lunch outing at a very low cost! Did you know there are 14 dollar items on the McDonald’s menu?! Including the Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger, sweet tea (my personal fave), and something your kids will love, ice cream!

dollar menu

*April 5-8: Customers who purchase a large soft drink at any Greater Atlanta McDonald’s restaurant will receive half-price admission to the Bracket Town fan experience at the Georgia World Congress Center from April 5-April 8. Bracket Town attendees can additionally visit the McDonald’s Slam Dunk area, where they can lay down their best dunks, win prizes, get autographs from NCAA legends and more!

Bonus: BabyLand General Hospital

BabyLand is located in Cleveland, GA. It is the only place in the world where you can witness the birth of a Cabbage Patch Kid and was voted one of the Travel Channel’s Top Ten Toylands! So if you are lucky enough to live in the great state of Georgia then you must visit BabyLand! It’s free to get in and there are live Cabbage Patch Kid “births” beneath the branches of the Magic Crystal Tree about every 15 minutes! Here’s a few pictures from our recent visit!

BabyLand General Hospital

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