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Skydiving 01

Last year I created a bucket list that I planned to complete within the next year – before I turn the big 3 0. Skydiving has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I wanted to go on my birthday a few times, but I always said I would do it before I turned 30!

Skydiving 6-11-17-7635-2BLOG

My sweet husband has been on this crazy journey with me the whole time. I love that he stays right by my side, supporting me even when I book skydiving, whitewater rafting, and zip lining all in the same week!

Skydiving 02 (more…)

Wrightsville Beach - Spring Break 2017-1646-1_BLOG

I’m still working my way through the birthday challenge bucket list! I’ve completed 15 out of 30 and plans are in place to complete the remaining items before my 30th birthday in July! I look at life differently since starting this list. I have cut things out of my life that don’t bring me joy. […]

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