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The winter cold can get to you no matter how well prepared you think you are. Because of that your baby needs to be protected against this bitter chill without giving him heat stroke. As you go about your life running around in the winter cold, here are a few tips to help you keep your bundle of joy warm and happy.

A Few Ways to Keep Your Baby Warm

Staying Warm When Outside

You want to keep your baby warm as they are taken out into the cold weather. The degree of cold varies on where you live and can be extremely bitter or windy. Keep that in mind as you dress your baby for that outdoor trip.

You want to make this process as easy as possible. You’d better find snowsuits or coats that are easy to put on and easy to remove. You don’t want one that is too big or too small. The more frigid the cold, the thicker the item you want. Many snowsuits are perfectly fine without having to add layers of clothing underneath. Once you go outside, place a light blanket loosely over your baby’s head to help keep the cold off their face. Never put it tightly against them and restrict their breathing.

If you decide not to use a snowsuit, put layers of clothing on your baby and tuck blankets around them. Even if you have a snowsuit, running out to a car to go on a long trip might only need a few layers of warm clothing as you would be removing them almost immediately to place the baby in the car seat.

Keep your baby comfortable by keeping them warm but don’t put layers of clothes on them under a snowsuit where they will get too hot. That is not good for them either. Stay alert as to how uncomfortable your baby is. A layer or two might need to be added or removed. It becomes a matter of trial and error until you get the hang of it.

Keeping Baby Warm at Night

When your baby sleeps, you want to be extra careful on how you keep him warm. Blankets could potentially be dangerous. Though infant death syndrome is not directly related to blankets, babies are prone to pulling at them. Some casualties that have suffered this syndrome have been found with blankets pulled over their heads.

To reduce this possibility, make everything else warm around them and avoid blankets. Keep the room they sleep in just at a comfortable level not being too hot or too cold. Have them sleep in warm sleepers that are designed to fit your baby properly and are safe. If you need to, add a small undershirt under the sleeper to help layer warmth. Even using flannel sheets can help keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Taking Trips Outside

Just because it is winter does not mean that your baby has to be cooped up the whole time. Fresh air is great even in the winter months. As for my family, my husband and I always take our kids out in their Joovy Sit N Stand Stroller for fresh air. You just need to know how to dress for it and when it becomes too much.

Dress your baby as you would anytime you go out in the cold. But keep in mind that you might be out in it longer than usual. If you are taking a stroll, the possibility of cold wind is higher. Many strollers or carriers have material that can be hooked around the child to enclose them in a type of warm bubble.

Make sure their tiny fingers are covered up with mittens. A blanket won’t be enough because they will be moving about and will dislodge it. Cold fingers can be very uncomfortable.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your baby. Are they fussy? Then it might be time to get back inside. The same can be said if their little skin is getting very cold despite the precautions you’ve taken. Take them out and enjoy the weather but don’t stay out too long.

Skin Care for Baby in the Winter

The excessive cold and heat babies experience during the winter can take a toll on their skin. Both temperatures can dry out skin which can lead to itching, irritability, and even cracking and bleeding. Take care to keep their skin moisturized.

Use moisturizing soap when you give your baby a bath. This helps clean them while not drying their skin out as most soaps do. Add a moisturizing lotion that you add after a bath and throughout the day to aid in preventing dry skin.

Amy Brown, a mom of two and editor of Livesnet, shares her tips on choosing best baby gears and parenting tips. Read her hot article on Britax Convertible Car Seat.

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