Niagara Falls Canada - Must See Sights to Explore

Canada, eh? Yes, we just got back from our anniversary trip to Niagara Falls! If you’re going to the falls, definitely do the Canadian side. You have a much better view and a better chance to see a rainbow.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5865-BLOG

Canada’s 150th anniversary

We flew (first class for the first time ever) into the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and rented a car to drive over the border. Our map said it was going to take over an hour to cross the border, but there was no line and we were across within minutes. All you need is a passport. They ask how long you’ll be staying and where you’re headed so it’s good to have a printed copy of those things just in case.

Niagara Falls Canada NOV 2017-5359-BLOG

Rainbow over the Skylon Tower


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