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This is my first week participating and I’m listing the Top Ten things I want to do or see before I die – A Bucket List! I got this idea from watching the guys from MTV’s The Buried Life on Oprah. Check out their Bucket List!

Number one on my list would be get married followed by have a baby but I’ve already crossed those off my Bucket List.

~Bucket List~

1. Visit Another Country – The hubby and I almost checked this one off the bucket list on our honeymoon. In the end, we decided to honeymoon in San Francisco. I (and my husband) have always wanted to visit Cairo, Egypt and see the pyramids! And I’d also really like to visit Amsterdam!

2. Visit all 50 US States – I’ve been to 21 states – Georgia~Alabama~Arkansas~Mississippi~Tennessee~Oklahoma~Texas~New.Mexico~Utah~Arizona~Colorado~Louisiana~Ohio~Kentucky~South.Carolina~North.Carolina~Florida~Virgina~West.Virgina~California~Indiana. If I visit a new state every year for my birthday, I could have all of them knocked out by my 50’s!

3. Skydive – Skydiving is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been close to doing it a few times but then something always happens where it doesn’t work out. I always thought I’d have skydiving marked off my bucket list before getting married and having a baby.

4. Have A Baby Boy – I have a baby girl and I’ve always wanted a girl but for my 2nd child I’d like to have a boy. We’ll see how that works out.

5. Start A Business -This is another one both me and my hubby want to accomplish. This is something I want to do whether I start a photography business on my own, or whether I start a restaurant with my husband.

6. Deep Sea Fishing – This one should be easy to mark off. I live in Georgia so I know a lot of people that have been Deep Sea Fishing in Florida. We’ll definitely have to take our buddy Raymond when we go. He has never been to Florida!

7. Go On A Cruise – I almost went on a cruise for my birthday a few years ago but during the process, they told me I had to have an escort (over age 25) if I was under age 21!! Long story short – I didn’t go! I was mad. I’m old enough now though!

8. Take My Family To Disney WorldWalt Disney World in Orlando, Florida seems like it gets bigger and bigger every year! I would like to go when my children are old enough to ride all the rides! And maybe take the grandparents so me and the hubby have some alone time too!

9. Go Skiing – I should of marked this one off when I had the chance! I’ve been to a ski resort and my parents paid for me to go ski, I just never did it! I did go tubing while I was there, which was really fun!

10. Walk The Appalachian Trail – well maybe not all of it. But a piece of it would be fun! I know my mom has wanted to walk it for a long time. Maybe we’ll walk a piece of it together!

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