It is almost that time of year again! The kids are returning to school after a long, fun-filled summer of playing with friends, vacationing, and not thinking about school. Now, they will have to try to jump right back into stimulating their minds with books and homework. This can be a challenge for both you and your kids. It can take them a little while to adjust to the transition from all fun and no school work to some fun and more school work. This transition can be made easier by preparing your kids for school with these fun and educational science games.

Chemical Elements Trivia

Sometimes learning can be more fun when it is part of a game. When your kids are having as much fun learning as they do when they are playing video games, the material tends to stay with them longer. The Chemical Elements Trivia game focuses on chemical elements will help your older child refresh their memory of the basic chemical elements that they learned during the previous school year. This game asks a series of questions that are all about chemical elements, challenging your child to remember everything they have learned in the chemistry portion of science class.


Pingu’s Quest

This game is a little different than normal science trivia games. Pingu’s Quest allows your child to understand the laws of physics with 35 levels chock full of fish gathering and coin collecting fun. It not only helps them understand chain reactions, but shows them how learning how physics works can be fun.

Constellations Trivia

This astronomy game will help your kids refresh their knowledge of the stars in the skies. The constellation game challenges your kid’s knowledge of the various known constellations. Prior to playing this game, you can spend valuable quality time with your kids outside gazing at the stars. Once you’ve had your fun outside use this game to refresh their memories about clusters found within constellations, naming of constellations and shapes of constellations, among many other things.

Weather Trivia

What happens during a monsoon? What causes a blizzard? The questions in this trivia game will not only refresh your kids’ memories of what they learned in the classroom, but will also help them better understand seasons and weather cycles. Questions will ask them what it was like outside just before a rainstorm blew through, where tornadoes come from, and many other brain-wracking questions about meteorology.

Let your have kids some time to ease into the school year by playing these educational games. They are fun for the entire family. Have a family game night and see who scores the best–the kids or the adults. Making learning fun, makes learning easy. Visit FreeKI Games today for a variety of family-friendly online kids games.

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