We were invited to the grand opening of Bugs Bunny Boomtown at Six Flags this weekend. It’s a brand-new addition to the park and includes seven new attractions for younger thrill-seekers and their families to enjoy together.


Six Flags Over Georgia named 7-year-old Symeon, from Make-A-Wish Georgia, as Honorary Park President for a day. He was presented with the Key to Six Flags and helped open Bug Bunny BoomTown! Symeon was diagnosed with cancer, but has since been declared cancer-free!


The all-new Bugs Bunny Boomtown features:

  • Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters, a wild and crazy family water battle
  • Speedy Gonzales Speed Boats, where guests will be screaming “Andale Andale” on six speed boats
  • Bugs Bunny High Seas Adventure, a chance to fly through the air on a junior sea-worthy quest
  • Yosemite Sam Wacky Wagons, an old western spin on a junior ferris wheel perfect for junior cowpokes
  • Looney Tunes Adventure Camp, an interactive playground with Bugs Bunny and all the Looney Tunes characters
  • ACME Trucking Company, a monster truck driving voyage to help Wile E. Coyote try to capture the Road Runner
  • Tweety Twee House, a 20-foot up and down journey into the little chirping bird’s nest

Bugs Bunny Boomtown

We all got to go the day after Haley’s 5th birthday, so it ended up being a birthday celebration/early spring break surprise.


Since my husband had to work, I went with my best friend Brandi. It’s been 10+ years since we’ve been to Six Flags.


Both of my girls have never been to Six Flags before. In fact, they’ve never even seen any roller coasters that huge before.


We spent the ENTIRE day at the park. We were one of the first people to enter and one of the last to leave. We enjoyed every inch of the park, even did some face painting.


My girls are five and six years old, and I thought we would be limited to the rides at Bugs Bunny Boomtown. Surprisingly, we were able to ride a lot of the rides together at the park.


The Monster Mansion was always one of my favorites. Halfway through the ride they pretend like you “turned the wrong way” through the spooky swamp. Natalie and Haley both were actually really scared of the monsters in the swamp. They would rather ride the biggest, scariest roller coaster in the park before riding a small boat through Monster Mansion again!

My kids still seem like babies to me. I never thought that they were big enough or brave enough to ride the really big roller coasters.


The Great American Scream Machine was their first roller coaster experience. I wasn’t sure how they would react.


Haley loved it and didn’t want to get off. Natalie, as usual, was much more freaked out, and said she didn’t want to ride anymore roller coasters! Until we walked over to Gotham City and she saw that the Mind Bender did two loops!


Once we had all rode the second roller coaster, they were hooked. The girls were ready to ride every coaster there, even the ones they couldn’t ride because of height requirements.

The last roller coaster that we were all able to ride was the Dahlonega Mine Train. It was my favorite roller coaster as a kid, and Natalie said it was her favorite ride at the park. Haley said her favorite ride was the Sky Buckets because you get a view of the whole park from the air.


The world’s first DC SUPER Friends family-themed section will open later this spring, featuring five new attractions. Six Flags Over Georgia is open on weekends through May 15 and daily April 2-10 for Spring Break. Summer daily operation begins on May 21.

For more information, visit http://www.sixflags.com/overgeorgia.

Complimentary tickets and meals were provided by Six Flags Over Georgia. All views and opinions are my own.