I’m so excited to show you our new Springfree trampoline featuring “tgoma.” We just had a jumbo square trampoline installed – two Springfree guys came and set it up for us in about an hour, and the girls have been on it constantly ever since.

Springfree Trampoline

What is TGOMA?

“Take Gaming Outside & Make it Active”

Springfree created the first outdoor interactive digital gaming and fitness system designed for a trampoline. Sometimes parents struggle to balance screen time with outdoor play time.

Springfree tgoma

Springfree featuring tgoma encourages kids to go outside and be active – merging technology with outdoor play. Just download the app, sync it with the sensors on your Springfree trampoline, and start playing!

  • 7 games for the entire family
  • Compete worldwide with other jumpers
  • Track your high scores
  • Set and achieve your fitness goals


You can add the tgoma device to your existing Springfree trampoline (if it has a serial number on the frame that starts with a “G4”), or you can buy tgoma as an add-on to your new Springfree trampoline purchase for $499.

Springfree featuring tgoma

I’ve been using it as my workout for the day. And believe me, it is a workout! One round of Alien Stomp and your legs are burning! After about three days, Natalie was convinced that her legs were going to fall off and she would never walk again. Of course, she was back on it again the next day though.

Springfree Trampoline

Every one who has seen our new Springfree wants one. Even our landscape guy asked me where we got it. He loved how they eliminated the leg-breaking springs, and I think I blew his mind when I told him it was designed to connect to a tablet.


For safety reasons, it’s recommend that you use the trampoline one at a time while jumping or playing games. We do family challenges, and whoever wins the round, gets to pick the game for the next round. They enjoy competing, and it’s actually nice to have a little break in-between turns.

Springfree with tgoma

Springfree trampolines range from $1749-$2599. If you are considering buying a new Springfree, I definitely recommend paying to have it installed. It’s worth every penny!

If you already own a Springfree, be sure to use the hashtag #tgomatime when sharing photos online!

I received a Springfree Trampoline featuring tgoma to facilitate my review. All views and opinions are my own.