After spending the day walking around Salem (see those pictures here), we drove to Revere, Massachusetts and stayed for few days in an apartment just outside Boston.

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Boston – near The Paul Revere House

We drove through Boston and had a cheesecake layered chocolate cake!

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Birthday Cake – I love her excited face!

Then we drove farther north to Freeport, Maine. We stopped at Wolfes Neck Woods State Park for lunch and a quick walk. They have 200 acres of protected land with views of Casco Bay and the Harraseeket River.

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Wolfes Neck Woods State Park

30 Bday Trip-9297-BLOG

Our cottage in Maine

30 Bday Trip-9299-BLOG

Our rental car

The weather was perfect in Maine and our cottage was beautiful. It was probably my favorite location on the trip because we had a view of Casco Bay and lots of space for the girls to play outside. They even had an awesome swing set up.

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The awesome swing at our cottage

30 Bday Trip-9521-BLOG

Casco Bay

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View from our back porch

30 Bday Trip-9666-BLOG

Sunset over Casco Bay

We spent a lot of time lounging around, recovering from all that walking we did in New York, but we did go visit Fort Popham one day. There wasn’t an entrance fee but we did pay for parking at Percy’s.

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Picnic in the park

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Fort Popham

30 Bday Trip-9984-BLOG

Swimming by Fort Popham

We brought food for a picnic, saw the fort, and the girls went swimming. The water was freezing, but they didn’t seem to care. They both said swimming in Maine was their favorite part of the entire trip!

30 Bday Trip-9910-BLOG

Phippsburg, Maine

After leaving Maine, we drove towards New Hampshire so we could also hit Vermont on our road trip! Total we drove 1247 miles through 8 states; New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont!