If you haven’t already, check out Day 1 of our Myrtle Beach vacation before continuing on! Day 2 started with breakfast at Vista 9 on the ninth floor of our Myrtle Beach hotel. Captain’s Quarters Resort has a buffet-style breakfast with a newly added made-to-order omelet station.

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Then we headed to the Hollywood Wax Museum which was quite easy to find since there’s a giant gorilla hanging from the top. There’s a go-cart racing track next to it and Broadway at the Beach, one of Myrtle Beach’s primary shopping destinations, is right across the street.

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Cameron Diaz

Broadway at the Beach is home to attractions such as Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Ripley’s Aquarium, Hard Rock Café, WonderWorks, Legends in Concert, Dave & Buster’s, Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, Wahlburgers, Carolina Ale House and more!

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Channing Tatum

The Hollywood Wax Museum was a lot bigger than I expected, multiple floors and hallways to explore. You are not supposed to touch the wax figures but they do have a ton of props to choose from.

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Johnny Depp

My girls loved dressing up in the pirate hats! While it is mainly a wax museum, there are actually 2 other attractions. You can purchase a combo ticket to do all three which is totally worth it.

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Lucille Ball

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors was a lot of fun! You have to find your way through the mirrored corridors hidden inside the Castle of Savannah and save Princess Hannah from her fateful maze of mirrors. It’s harder than it looks!

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Tom Cruise & John Cena

Originally we weren’t going to do Outbreak, the zombie haunted house, located in the basement of the wax museum. You can do the mirror maze twice if you’d rather not do the haunted house.

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My 7 y/o daughter was terrified, but my 6 y/o couldn’t wait. Then on the way there, my oldest decided she wanted to try it.

Vacation Myrtle Beach 2017-1791-BLOG

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

My husband and I carried them all the way through, but we all made it to the end without running out any emergency exits! Most of the zombies are just animatronics and the live people don’t chase you or touch you. Still pretty scary though!

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Brendan Fraser

Depending on fast you walk and how many pictures you take, you can speed though it and get back to swimming or slow down to kill some time on a rainy day. You could easily do all three attractions within 2 hours.

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Clint Eastwood & John Wayne

I had to get a shot of Clint and John. My dad always loved their movies. My girls had no idea who the Terminator was, but Haley was super excited about the photo with Katy Perry.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Katy Perry

After we left the wax museum, we headed to the Noisy Oyster for lunch!

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I tried fried oysters for the very FIRST time! My husband and kids tried it too. We weren’t brave enough to try the raw ones, but the fried ones were actually really delicious.

Vacation Myrtle Beach 2017-2303-BLOG

The Noisy Oyster obviously has an assortment of fresh seafood and oysters, but they also serve burgers and yummy drinks!

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I had an Ocean-Rita which is sort of like a margarita but better! It’s a mix of sweet syrups and tequila!

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After lunch we headed back to the Captain’s Quarters Resort for more fun in the lazy river and a hunt for shark teeth on the beach! Stay tuned for pictures from our trip to T.I.G.E.R.S!

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