I took my girls to the Georgia Aquarium for the very first time in 2015. We have been many, many times since then, and we always find something new and exciting to do or see because they are always adding and updating exhibits and attractions.


I dreamed of SCUBA diving with whale sharks on our very first visit, and I still can’t believe I actually got to try the new Closed-Circuit Rebreather Dive in the Ocean Voyager tank. I always thought the people in there were employees.

GA Aquarium-7227-2

You could dive all around the world and never see whale sharks that close up. Georgia Aquarium is the only aquarium in the Western Hemisphere where you can see a whale shark, and they have four of them in the Ocean Voyager exhibit.


The Waddle Walk launched last year and surprisingly my girls have never seen it until now! The African penguins take a stroll across the aquarium’s main atrium daily between 10 – 11am and this was their first time witnessing it!

GA Aquarium Oct 2017-3633-BLOG

They enjoyed getting an up close look at their feathers and seeing their adorable walk. If you love the penguins as much as we do, you can actually purchase an African Penguin Adoption Kit for about $60 and it helps to further conservation and research work the aquarium does to help the penguin population.


The Virtual Reality Simulator: Dive in Prehistoric Seas is a brand new experience at Georgia Aquarium! It was our last stop of the day and Keith Urban ended up getting in line right behind us! I did ask him if he was actually Keith Urban and he confirmed, but we left him alone since he was obviously trying to enjoy the day with his kids.


The Virtual Reality Simulator is located on Level 2 across from the 4-D Funbelievable Theater and it does cost extra – $10 per person. Up to four people can ride at a time and you must be 42 inches to ride. The motion-based virtual reality ride only lasts about five minutes, but it’s totally worth the cost. It’s like riding in a submarine through a prehistoric ocean with strange and wonderful creatures!


Georgia Aquarium’s totally-renovated 4-D Funbelievable Theater now has rotating shows. The theater is included with your Georgia Aquarium General Admission and does not cost extra.

The 4D Funbelievable Theater Showings

Now playing: Ice Age: No Time for Nuts 4-D, Coastal Predators: A 4-D Experience, and SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D: The Great Jelly Rescue!


The Aquanaut Adventure was brand new the first time I took the girls. It has evolved so much over the past two years. They learn something new every time we go. The Aquanaut Adventure experience allows guests of all ages to learn about aquatic life based on their age group. They also added a 6,000 gallon touch pool on the second floor at the end of Aquanaut Adventure.


Touch pools are located in Ocean Voyager, Cold Water Quest and Aquanaut Adventure. These touch pools are designed to be accessible for visitors of all ages and physical abilities and are one of my favorite additions!


If you haven’t been to Georgia Aquarium lately, plan a visit and come check out the new and exciting exhibits. You never know what they’ll add next!

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I am a Georgia Aquarium Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts reporting my opinion, my family and I are provided complimentary tickets and compensation by the company or agency representing the company. All views and opinions are my own.