As promised, here’s part two of my pictures from our cruise! I still have a ton that I didn’t post for one reason or another. Click here to see {Part 1}.

Our cruise ship – Carnival Sensation


This was a lighthouse in Nassau that we could see from the beach we were on. It was really far away. You can see it in the background of another picture I posted in part 1.



Our 4 year wedding anniversary was on 11/11/2012 – the day we left for our cruise! My husband and I try to take a special anniversary getaway every year! We both believe it’s important to take times for ourselves and it always seems to bring us closer together. We decided to do a Carnival Cruise, mainly […]

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My oldest just turned 3 years old on Monday! We’ve been doing lots of fun things all week including visiting Stone Mountain Park for their annual Pumpkin Festival! Here’s just a few out of the 411 photos I took on our trip last Friday! …………………………….. Please link up your WW below! For more Wordless Wednesdays and […]

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I have a passion for photography. I may not be a marvelous photographer (yet!) but it’s something I enjoy! I told you before I wanted to get back into posting about things I enjoy, so stick around for some fun photography related posts.   I’m an instagram junkie… Follow Me!! – Username: marv_amy …………………………….. Please […]

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I left my good camera at a friends house so I was without my sidekick for a few days, but here’s some shots from my iPhone! I’m always carrying my phone and taking pictures… always! Add me on Instagram (marv_amy) to see more random shots of my everyday life! Took the girls down to the […]

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