Project 365


I have successfully completed a 365 photography challenge!! I’ve taken a photo every single day for an ENTIRE year.

I’m so happy I stuck with it. It forced me to pick up my camera and try new techniques. I got some really gorgeous photos of my girls that I will cherish forever.

So without further ado, here are my photos for the rest of 2014!

November 18th – November 26th


322 – Natalie and the kitty  | 323 – Our cute new puppy  | 324 – Natalie and the puppy  | 325 – Puppy  | 326 – Birthday party at JaMonkey‘s house  | 327 – Haley with our puppy’s brother  | 328 – Jumping into a pile of leaves  | 329 – iPhone sunset  | 330 – iPhone selfie

November 27th – December 5th

November-27th---December-5th-BLOG (more…)

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year and I’m still taking photos EVERY single day! My next post will be my final Project 365 post for 2014! Here are my most recent Project 365 photos. See the previous post here. These are my daily photos from October 13th – November 17th.

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