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Reviews & Giveaways

A giveaway is a great way to promote your product. I enjoy doing product reviews and giveaways for companies big and small. If you have a product that you’d like to have featured on Marvelous Mommy, please email me. Make sure you include a description of the product and a link to your website.

Offering a giveaway with a review is required. When you offer a giveaway along with a review, your post will receive more traffic which means more exposure for your product and/or website! I do not do reviews without a giveaway. However, I do accept paid posts.

  • All posts will include products details, links, and personal pictures of my family using the product.
  • Products will be reviewed and posted within 4 weeks of receiving the product unless otherwise stated.
  • A standard giveaway-only will be posted within one week and require a small fee due to the time and effort put into posting.
  • Should you request a review and giveaway, a similar, standard size product must be provided in order to give an honest opinion.
  • Minimum value should be at least $100.
  • Products will not be returned, nor is it Marvelous Mommy’s responsibility for shipping.
  • Giveaway prizes are to be shipped directly to the winner by the sponsor.
  • Giveaways generally run anywhere from 2-4 weeks.
  • Ad space rates are based on the size of the ad and the location of placement.
  • Discounted rates available when purchasing more than one month or more than one ad and/or Link.
  • Payments accepted via PayPal.
  • Ads/Banners are to be provided in the correct size by the sponsor.
  • Any spam ads with offensive images or ads that link to offensive websites will not be accepted.
  • No Refunds.

Sponsored Posts

  • I accept one paid post with ONE text link within the article.
  • Additional links are $25 each.
  • Payments accepted via PayPal.
  • Please be aware that all my sponsored content will have nofollow links and include a disclaimer stating that I received compensation, as required by law.
  • No refunds.