Natalie’s birthday this year was a blast! A wild, noisy, chaotic blast! With adults and kids included, we had about 40 people packed into our 2 car garage!

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We had a nice open area where the kids could play and the adults could chit-chat! And we weren’t cold since we had so many people in there. We had fun games for the kids including Witch’s Stew and the classic game of Bobbing For Apples!


Believe it or not, we didn’t own one Halloween decoration before this party. Everything that we used was either borrowed or was homemade! Natalie and I had lots of fun making the decorations during the month of October and slowly decorating little by little.


First I started with the wall of bats! This awesome craft is cheap, easy, and doesn’t take much time! (Exactly what I needed!) For my bats, I used black construction paper and double sided tape to attach them.


The free printable template was a little large for my folded piece of paper but I improvised and was able to get 3 bats out of each sheet of construction paper.

TIP: Cut multiple bats at once by cutting 4-5 sheets of construction paper at one time.


My favorite craft to make was probably the Giant Spider! (#5 on the list) It was challenge, especially to make it stay up on the wall. I used wadding up newspaper for the body and head and I used leftover bubble wrap in the legs.

TIP: If you are going to hang the spider, be sure not to overfill the spider making him too heavy.


I also made orange and black pom-pom balls. I made these for Natalie’s party last year too. It adds a nice festive look! This is a Martha Stewart creation! She has a pom-pom tutorial with step by step instructions here.

TIP: Pull from both sides as you go. If you pull one side of your ball out, the other side will be MUCH harder to pull and the ball will end up uneven. (The hubby learned that last year!)

I used candy and cheap dollar store items like vampire teeth in goody bags for all the children! See Natalie’s Halloween themed invitations here.

All the food was also Halloween themed…

Halloween Themed Food Collage_16up

In order from left to right:


Overall, Natalie had a great time playing with family and friends! She opened presents, had cake, and ate a ton of candy – just the way a Halloween Birthday Party should be!

Big thank you to HouseParty.com who provided a monster party package full of goodies, treats and bags! Visit my party page to see more party pictures!