Picking out new photo backdrops can be really difficult. There are many different kinds of companies, sizes, and materials to choose from. PepperLu sent me three of their tear resistant polypaper backdrops to test out.

Pepperlu snapshot

I have used vinyl backdrops in the past so this was my first experience with polypaper. The Pepperlu backdrops came rolled up in a cardboard tube, like most backdrops, but since they are thinner than the vinyl, they lose their curl and lay flat much faster.

pepperlu backdrops

Since I’m a natural light photographer I prefer to shoot sessions outside. However, my newborn and baby-only sessions are typically done inside. A friend of mine let me borrow her 3 month old daughter for a fun photoshoot to test out my new backdrops!

Here’s a pullback of my studio setup: I’m using one backdrop stand with a large light source to the left.

Photography Studio Pull Back

Pepperlu Backdrop with Elephant

I am shooting in a room with carpet, but I have a portable wooden floor underneath the elephant to keep the backdrop from bending. I have six backdrops attached to my stand so I can quickly and easily switch them out. All three of the backdrops are long enough to use as a backdrop/floor combo for a baby or child.

Triangle Backdrop


Pepperlu has a ton of modern designs to choose from and they also do custom orders. They even have rugs and floordrops to choose from. Check out all the backdrops at Pepperlu and let me know which one is your favorite!


Pepperlu is giving away a polypaper photo backdrop to TWO lucky winners! Winner’s will get to pick their choice of backdrop!

Giveaway ends June 25th. Open to US Only.

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This post was sponsored by Pepperlu, but content and opinions are my own.