I’m still working my way through the birthday challenge bucket list! I’ve completed 15 out of 30 and plans are in place to complete the remaining items before my 30th birthday in July!


I look at life differently since starting this list. I have cut things out of my life that don’t bring me joy. I’ve learned that I really love scuba diving. So much that I’ve decided to become PADI certified. I’ve read more this year.

And more importantly, I’ve made great memories with friends by intentionally setting aside time to squeeze every last drop out of life.

Wrightsville Beach - Spring Break 2017-1627-1_BLOG

I have always wanted to try surfing. I love the beach and any kind of water sports. Surfing is really dang hard. Much harder than I ever thought. Now I understand why those surfer guys always have ripped abs.

Wrightsville Beach - Spring Break 2017-1646-1_BLOG

We rented a surfboard for a week on our trip to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The very first day was actually the easiest. I was able to catch some waves, some on my knees and some standing.

Wrightsville Beach - Spring Break 2017-1672-1_BLOG

After the first day, I could hardly drag myself up out of the bed! I felt like I had been hit by a truck. My arms and ribs and hips all felt like jello. I used muscles I didn’t know I had!

Wrightsville Beach - Spring Break 2017-1683-1_BLOG

I drank a bunch of ocean water. I wiped out, a lot, and got pummeled by waves and sometimes my board. I still have a nasty bruise on my leg from getting hit on the back of my knee with the surfboard.

Wrightsville Beach - Spring Break 2017-1915-1_BLOG

We specifically spent Spring Break in Wrightsville Beach because it’s known as a surfer town. The waves were perfect every day that we were there. And the ocean was full of surfers, especially near Johnie Mercer’s Pier. Sometimes 40-50 surfers catching waves at the same time!

Wrightsville Beach - Spring Break 2017-1860-1_BLOG

Surfing in the ocean was one of the ones on the list that I wasn’t sure if I could complete. I’m so glad I did it. And thankful for my husband who tried it with me, even though he hates cold water! It was a fun experience. Just don’t expect to see me shredding waves in a competition anytime soon!

Wrightsville Beach - Spring Break 2017-1735-1_BLOG