As promised, here’s part two of my pictures from our cruise! I still have a ton that I didn’t post for one reason or another. Click here to see {Part 1}.

Our cruise ship – Carnival Sensation


This was a lighthouse in Nassau that we could see from the beach we were on. It was really far away. You can see it in the background of another picture I posted in part 1.






Me and my hubby. I took this photo with the self timer and we were actually a lot farther away (I cropped this one). I laughed when I looked back through these pictures because I didn’t make it into place quick enough so many times!



Paradise Island, Bahamas




I laugh every time I look at this picture! This was a quick snapshot taken with my iPhone in our room. I sang karaoke for the first time EVER on our first night of the cruise. I sang with a live band and got this artist badge thing. I’m normally NOT the person to sing karaoke but we started drinking these fruity mixed drinks full of who-knows-what the second we walked on the cruise ship. And this picture was taken about midnight (I guess) so by then I was drunk enough to get up in front of a room full of people (as you can tell by the picture).


The first drink…


©Dress_Storyboard 2 Up

These two pictures aren’t the best quality but funny nonetheless. While playing with my camera, my husband happen to catch my dress blowing up and my reaction! It was very windy towards the front of the ship. My dress blew up multiple times.



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