I started P90X one week ago today! I’m exactly 8 days in. I’m following the P90X workout schedule and meal plan guide.

I started doing P90X in 2009 after Natalie was born and I lost 60 lbs. And then again in 2011 after I had Haley.

However, I’m doing the LEAN workout plan this time. (I’ve done the Classic in the past.)

P90X Workout Schedule

I consider myself skinny, but not fit, and honestly not very healthy. I have been drinking Mountain Dew on a daily basis for years… and years, and years. See, told you, not that healthy.

I’m trying to change that though. I quit smoking January 1st (again) and signed up for a Warrior Dash 5K, coming up this April.

We are going to St George Island for vacation in 54 days, and I’d like to be in better shape than I am now for the beach.

I’m trying to focus on the first 30 days for now. That’s a short-term goal I feel I can hit.

Starting Weight: 145.0

Current Weight: 140.8 (more…)

I’ve lost 77lbs. Seventy-seven! That’s like a 10 year old child! People always ask me how I lost so much weight so quickly after having kids, and honestly, I feel like it just fell right off with a few simple changes. Neither of these pictures are particularly “great” photos. Both were quick snapshots but you […]

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The second phase of my P90X is officially complete…. Too bad I didn’t follow the plan! I could’ve been ripped by now! 🙂 Well maybe not really! It’s going to take a miracle to tight up my post baby belly! But I’m sure it would help tightening and toning all over! Although I haven’t been working out […]

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I have always been slim my entire life. Not super skinny (I like a little bump in my booty) but I believe my body naturally regulates everything, I just need to LISTEN to it! I live a decently active lifestyle and I try to make healthy, wholesome choices whenever I can. Don’t sit in front of the tv […]

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